Development Services

K.P. Meiring has been a key participant in scores of development projects, over the decades, in multiple states, while developing and building family amusement parks and hotels throughout a lot of the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast and Southwest.  

Prior to land acquisition, we can recommend real estate purchase offer contingencies to limit risk.  K.P. Meiring Company can then research the contingencies during a due-diligence process period.  Assuming all risk contingencies can be satisfactorily researched, resolved and the land purchased, KP Meiring Company would then commence the design and development process. 

This process is organized, and prioritized, as required to travel through the maze of governmental approval processes, budget controls, design program requirements, aesthetics and schedules while, at all times - thinking with the end in mind. 

With the unique combination of expertise in both development and construction, KP Meiring Company can control more variables than most other developers in what is an inherently a high risk process. 

Design-Build Services

Whether prior to or subsequent to land acquisition, KP Meiring Company offers turn-key design-build services. 

This process is desirable for those professionals and organizations to remain focused on its own mission in lieu of the design and construction of the facilities.  

In addition to saving the customer time, this approach also saves money and limits risk by allowing KP Meiring Company to utilize the state of the art in design and construction means and methods, including Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).


When development or design build services are not required, a valuable service KP Meiring Company can offer to both Owners and Design Professionals is input during the design process that will keep costs minimized while still meeting design program and aesthetic requirements. 

No design professional or owner wants to face unexpected construction costs - which exceed budgetary constraints - especially after construction documents have been completed and the work is scheduled to commence. 

KP Meiring Company adds value by becoming involved well before construction documents are finalized and construction is scheduled to commence.


KP Meiring Company serves as a full service General Contractor when called to do so.  Many governmental and private projects still are put out for public bid.  KP Meiring Company actively participates in this process and works well in this world. 

After 45 years, we have cemented the fundamental skill sets needed to thrive in these markets, all while, continuously evolving along with the latest in technology and means-and-methods.

Our construction process emphasizes:

  • Procurement & Project Schedule

The procurement process is critical to the project and must be factored into the schedule. This is why K.P. Meiring begins the procurement process as early as possible.

We utilize intuitive and reliable cloud-based information systems to expeditiously facilitate the massive amounts of essential details contained within the submittals and shop drawings.  The reliability and efficiency of the cloud has vastly improved the speed and accuracy of the procurement phase - allowing for greater focus on safety, quality and schedule.

  • Scheduling

The development of initial schedules are prepared by K.P. Meiring Company with input from the owner, architect and subcontractors.  After consideration of the input from the entire project team, the Project schedule is released.  

The importance of the Project schedule cannot be overstated, as it is an overall summary of milestones that must be reached in order to meet the completion deadline. However, our experience has taught us that smaller, detailed schedules are an essential supplement to the Project schedule in order to meeting each milestone.

We refer to these smaller schedules as "micro" schedules.  Micro schedules detail all of the sequential subtasks that must be completed - on time - in order to meet each Project milestone.  Simply put, the Project schedule is the road map, the micro-schedules are all the road signs, in  between each interchange, ensuring we remain on our travel plan.

  • On-Site Project Management

Due to our focus on early procurement, and well-developed Project scheduling, K.P. Meiring's project manager is able to focus on the daily implementation of all of the preceding project planning.  

As the project approaches major milestones this means one or more subcontractors are nearing completion of their scope and the next phase of subcontractors mobilize.  K.P. Meiring is proactive in facilitating these transitions by holding coordination meetings prior to the demobilizing and mobilizing of subcontractors.   in order to methodically execute major milestones and or transitions from one phase or another.  Examples of situations requiring a coordination meeting are, pre-pour conference before any major concrete operation (footings, slabs, site concrete), pre-roofing conference) 

   Quality Control is managed on a daily basis with “quality control lists” which are maintained in digital format for electronic distribution and tracking.  KP Meiring Company strives to at all times maintain equilibrium between Cost, Time and Quality.