Development Services

K.P. Meiring has been a key participant in scores of development projects, over the decades, in multiple states, while developing and building family amusement parks and hotels throughout a lot of the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast and Southwest.  

Prior to land acquisition, we can recommend real estate purchase offer contingencies to limit risk.  K.P. Meiring Company can then research the contingencies during a due-diligence process period.  Assuming all risk contingencies can be satisfactorily researched, resolved and the land purchased, KP Meiring Company would then commence the design and development process. 

This process is organized, and prioritized, as required to travel through the maze of governmental approval processes, budget controls, design program requirements, aesthetics and schedules while, at all times - thinking with the end in mind. 

With the unique combination of expertise in both development and construction, KP Meiring Company can control more variables than most other developers in what is an inherently a high risk process.